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How to Get a Mail Order Bride

If you are ready to take on a challenge of finding a foreign bride, you need to follow such steps.

Step #1. Register on a reliable site with a top reputation

Finding an excellent mail order bride site with lots of communication and search opportunities is your key to success. How to do it?

  1. Do research. Read mail order bride site reviews prepared by dating experts. Typically, they provide all the information regarding the platforms – from their benefits to drawbacks – and choose what suits you more.
  2. Also, it is advisable to read reviews made by common users as they reflect the picture of reality pretty well.
  3. Choose your niche, decide whom you want to date: a Latin, a Russian or an Asian bride?
  4. Register on several best mail order bride sites. Thus, you can increase your chances for success – who knows where your potential wife will be waiting for you?

Step #2. Work on your profile

This is the essential step and you need to be responsible when making it. Seriously, do not be lazy and take your time to make your profile attractive for foreign women. Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Choosing an attractive profile picture. No bathroom selfies and no passport photos. That’s what women hate.
  • Filling in all essential data regarding your age, location, profession and so on. Women are reluctant to communicate with anonymous users as they look like scammers or even maniacs to them.
  • Writing a nice description of you. Avoid clichés – say something that will make you look genuinely unique. You may also write weird facts about you to attract a lady.
  • Exposing your expectations of a potential wife. If you are into brunettes with curly hair who love doing sport, work in a bank sphere or insurance, who would be a supportive and loving wife for you – say it! Otherwise, you will waste the time of other candidates.

Remember that a little effort at the start will pay you off at the finish line.

What kind of woman do you like?

Step #3. Search, search, search

Check out the mail order bride sites’ search opportunities. Some sites provide only the basic search which is either based on women’s age or location.

Others may also give you access to extended searches which will allow you to look for women based on their:

  • Interests (dancing, work, sport, hiking, books, etc.)
  • Hobbies (music, cooking, knitting and so on)
  • Health habits (smoking/no smoking; alcohol, jogging, etc.)
  • Marital status and children (single, divorced, separated, a single mother, etc.)

Always pay attention to whether the woman if often online – it will help you understand when it is better to reach out to her.

Step #4. Talk with them, a lot

To get to the heart of a foreign lady you, firstly, need to know different approaches. You will not greet a Chinese woman the same way you greet a Latina (unless you want to make her bored with a mediocre “hi!”). For that, educate yourself, get tips from dating experts or so.

If you are ready to start sending emails and text messages. They are perfect for newbies and cheap on all mail order bride sites. When you find “the one and only,” you may pay more and reserve a video call with her. Thus, you will learn more about her body language.

Always be active and never communicate with only one lady – she might not like you after all. And never wait for somebody to text you first – ladies are shy and they expect men to make the first step.

Step #5. Send her gifts and show her she is special to you

When it seems to you that you almost conquered the heart of a chosen mail order bride, that’s the time when you need to be triple-careful. Do not relax.

You need to show her she is special to you and that you are the man whom she has to spend her life with. Send her gifts or flowers using the site’s delivery service, and when two of you are ready to meet offline – try to make it maximum extraordinary.

Keep in mind that you can always find a mail order bride, but half of the responsibility is on your endeavors.

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