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How to Avoid Mail Order Bride Scams

The mail order bride sites keep growing, making many people happy in finding their ‘second halves’ and leaving others disillusioned. Lots of men, eager to find a woman for marriage overseas, become victims of dishonest schemes.

Unfortunately, the humanity still has not found a universal medium for eradicating scams and fraud in the niche of mail order bride search. So better stay informed and, thus, armed.

What Are The Risks Of Looking For a Mail Order Bride?

There are dozens, including:

  • Leaks of personal information
  • Leaks of payment information
  • Waste of money (brides on the site might be fake and their accounts used to get money out of you)
  • Stalking
  • Blackmail
  • Spam
  • Phishing (typically emails via which fraudsters will try to get your undisclosed info)
  • Online payment risks if the transactions are made via insecure links
What kind of woman do you like?

How Not to Become a Victim of Mail Order Bride Scams? 7 Tips

1. Choose only proven mail order bride sites

Do a thorough research before signing up for a Russian mail order bride site or any other (Asian or Latin). Read online reviews by both experts and users.

2. Don’t unveil your personal information in the profile

Otherwise, scammers will easily get a leverage to blackmail you or worse.

3. Don’t send your payment details to a woman on a site

Either it is an Asian mail order bride or Russian (or any other), do not disclose to her your card number and the rest – you can lose all your money.

4. Contact site’s support if you see a suspicious member

Reputable Russian, Asian and Latin mail order bride sites respond quickly to such requests and eliminate the accounts of scammers.

5. Send gifts to your mail order bride

If your Russian woman asks you for attention, do not send her money. If she is a scammer, you won’t be able to get it back. Better send her a gift – top-notch sites have such an option and do everything securely. Moreover, thus you can verify the address of your chosen Russian woman.

6. Don’t buy tickets or pay for a visa for a mail order bride

If a mail order bride refuses to visit you and asks you to purchase flight tickets for her or so, stay away from such a woman.

7. Don’t register on costly mail order bride sites

A mail order bride might also ask you to go to a different site – but look sharp – it might be a financial trap.

Follow these tips and you will never become a sufferer of scammers’ malicious actions.

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