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How Much is a Mail Order Bride

If you surf the internet you will come across claims it will cost you from $1,000 to $15,000 to find a mail order bride. The cost might push you back, but let’s keep sane. How much will it cost you to date a lady in real life within a year? Perhaps, as much as this or even more.

Now let’s do some calculations.

How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost

Plan A. You choose traditional dating.

Let’s say you and your girlfriend go to restaurants three times per month, two times per month you attend the cinema and once a month you buy her a bouquet of ten long-stem roses. Given that:

  • one meal in an American restaurant on average costs $30,
  • one ticket to the cinema – around $9,
  • a bouquet of roses – $40,

per month you will have to budget around $256. Per year that will be above $3,000.

However, this is a low-cost option. Take into account presents, sweets, exotic food, trips, parties, excursions, beauty salons services, amusement parks, concerts and so on – you may end up spending from $500 to $1,500 per month in a traditional dating (if not even more). In total, it is up to $18,000 per year before she says “yes” – pretty impressive, isn’t it?

But let’s look at plan B.

What kind of woman do you like?

Plan B. You go for a mail order bride.

To answer your question – how much does a mail order bride cost – let’s do math too.

Different mail order bride sites offer their own pricing policies. But on average, that’s what you will face:

  1. 22 minutes of video communication with a foreign bride will cost you around $30
  2. 30 extended emails to a mail order bride – $99

We are not sure you will send your woman that many electronic letters, but let’s imagine that’s what you do in a month. In general, that will be $129. If you decide to send you mail order bride some flowers, add $35 on top. That’s $165. Therefore, in a year you will spend less than $2,000.

Sure enough, you may also resort to the services of a translator, and spend more time talking with her online. However, considering that both of you will be separated by time zones and jobs, you won’t be able to spend a lot of time online. So let’s say you spend per month around $500. Per year you will spend only $6,000.

But there is one more thing. Provided you get onto the next stage of a relationship and you finally decide to meet offline, you will have to buy flight tickets and budget entertainment in the homeland of your lady. Prices here vary but bear in mind that one-way flight from New York to Beijing will cost you around $800.

In the meantime, restaurants and other romantic features will be less expensive for you in the U.S., especially, in such countries as Russia and Ukraine. A romantic meal per too may cost you only $15-$20, and that’s a bonanza for a Westerner.

All in all, it is much cheaper to date a lady online than in real life. So next time you ask yourself – how much does a mail order bride cost: is it pricey or not? – look through these figures again.

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