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Top Foreign Mail Order Bride Sites In 2018-2019

Finding an estimable, credible, and simply speaking, the best mail order bride site is not an easy task. Nowadays thousands of men, who live the hectic lifestyle and struggle to recover from flawed relationships, waste both their money and time searching for a worthy platform.

All of them, though, keep making the same mistake: they register on the first mail-order bride sites they find, get stuck in the pitfall of expensive sites’ advertising or sign up for free sites to save money. What none of them does is:

  • Read high-profile foreign dating site reviews prepared by professionals;
  • Search for success stories of best mail order bride sites’ users;
  • Notice red flags from both dating specialists and common members;
  • Compare the qualities and features of different dating sites at a time;
  • Compare their pricing and refund policies.

If you do not want to become a victim of irresponsible decisions if you want to save your energy for finding a true mail order bride and money for high-quality services, get familiar with the best mail order bride websites review, prepared by experienced matchmakers and dating experts.

How Can Mail Order Bride Site Reviews Help You?

Where do you find the best foreign brides register? Apparently, on trustworthy and convenient platforms. How to get close to the best single women? Obviously, by registering on the same platforms as they do. And here comes the obstacle: how to choose the right site for finding best foreign brides?

Firstly, let us help you analyze the way you have been picking mail order bride sites until now. For that, merely answer the following questions:

  1. Have you ever registered on a dating site with no preliminary research?
  2. Have you ever accepted a piece of advice from your friend/relative to sign up for one?
  3. Have you ever created a profile on a site after seeing its advertisement somewhere online?
  4. Have you ever chosen a site without reading its Terms of Use and Safety Policies from A to Z?
  5. Have you ever registered on a site because it was free and offered you a 100% safety guarantee?
  6. Have you ever gone for expensive sites thinking they provide better (luxurious) services?
  7. Have you ever got into an “online dating trouble” (like facing scam or fraud)?

If most of your answers to these questions are “Yes,” then here is bad news for you: you have always been choosing mail order bride websites wrongly.

So how can mail order bride sites reviews help you avoid all these mistakes? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Such reviews are written by dating professionals are not only eager to help lonely people become happy but also know what they are doing;
  • The reviews are prepared after thorough research and analysis;
  • They include only essential for potential users information, which means they are user-oriented;
  • The information is precise, concise and “capacious” – after reading professional reviews you will get an understanding of how sites work and you will not have to read large and boring Terms of Use and other policies;
  • They consider both the pros and cons of each mail order bride site;
  • They provide evidence of their statements (screenshots of the site, successful stories of mail order brides and their fiancés, etc.);
  • The experienced reviewers include only the best sites into their “tops,” it means that there are only sites with high girls’ reply rate and a considerable number of female users.

How Are The Foreign Dating Sites Reviews Formed?

  1. Dating experts constantly analyze the mail order bride market. They keep an eye of the “sharks” of the dating niche as well as pay attention to the newly appeared foreign dating sites.
  2. They register on all of them to learn about their features, advantages, and disadvantages and look at everything, firstly, in the eyes of professionals and, secondly, with the eyes of mediocre users. For example, they try to get in touch with several ladies, contact the support team, and review pricing.
  3. Specialists also get familiar with the policies of each site and check whether sites’ services comply with them.
  4. After thorough research, dating experts write reviews of the best mail order brides sites in various categories: from Russian dating websites to Asian mail order bride platforms.
  5. Once there is a sufficient number of the best sites focusing on providing access to the best foreign wives, experts combine them into “Top Sites” just like the ones you can observe on this page.
  6. “Top Sites” compilations can help you save time. Here you already see the best options for looking for the best foreign brides. The main peculiarities of these sites are described briefly so that you could easily understand whether you need to spend more time reading the full review or not.
What kind of woman do you like?

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Mail Order Bride Site?

Reviews and compilations of the top mail order bride sites already include all the essential information concerning each platform. However, you still need to be aware of some details – so as not to go for a blind bargain. If you decide to read reviews somewhere else, they might not comprise the following features, so you better stay informed.


As a user, who has resorted to mail order bride industry, always check the prices that the site asks for its services. Whatever the price is, it will undoubtedly be cheaper for you to look for a foreign bride online than in real life, but this does not mean you should go throwing money.

Some site are free, for the others you need to pay, so which to choose? Definitely, those with pricing. Free sites are typically deluged with popups and annoying ads and they can put your safety under threats – on free sites are mainly registered fake brides or men pretending to be brides. Their only aim is to get your money by deceiving.

By contrast, paid sites will provide you high-quality communication tools, access to the best mail order brides and top-notch protection against fraudulent schemes.

However, you need to be careful with paid sites too. Some of them will impose on you unnecessary service and will make you pay for them by purchasing “Premium” accounts. Better choose sites with credit systems where a certain number of credits is equal to a precise number of services. Thus, you will always know what you are paying for.

Remember, that you do not have to pay fortunes for foreign dating sites’ services – a couple/dozen of dollars per months is enough to make your own luck.

Number of Users & Quality of Their Profiles

If the quantity of registered users barely overcomes the 1,000 margin, quit the site – it is not the best dating option for you. Notorious platforms have sprawling networks of users all over the world and comprise thousands of users, among which women make up around 60%.

Moreover, top dating websites provide access to the best foreign brides. It means that these ladies have genuine intentions and their identities have been verified by a team of site’s professionals.

By the way, if you still do not know which category of females to choose, find online a mail order bride review and study the cultural traits of foreign women.

Reviews of the best mail order brides also should cover the quality of ladies’ profiles. Note that trustworthy sites make sure that profiles of women are insightful, include such personal details as the age, location, marital status as well as additional data (e.g., regarding their habits, interests in life, ambitions, and descriptions of dream partners).

Security & Safety

Check whether:

  • the site has a scam-prevention team
  • the safety is maintained constantly by eliminating the accounts of suspicious members
  • there are any guarantees regarding safety
  • the site is obliged to refund the money to you in case you waste your credits on a scammer
  • the site provides details guidelines on how to avoid any scam-related troubles

Communication Features

Top mail order bride sites expose users to as wide a variety of interactive tools as possible – starting from traditional email and chat to up-to-date voice and video calls.

Make sure you get a possibility to phone your chosen lady – thus you will be assured the woman whom you are dating online is a real one and maybe she will become your foreign wife.

Other Services

You may also choose the site depending on other criteria like ease of use, design, search tools, romance tours, gifts delivery, translation services, and so on, but these rather depend on your individual taste.

Does The Best Site Guarantee You Will Find Your Mail Order Bride?

Bear in mind that even if you find the best mail order bride website thanks to our “Top Sites” reviews, the responsibility is still on you. You might be given access to the prime services, the most potent dating search engines, and matchmaking algorithms, you might be able to text hundreds of the best mail order brides but nobody can end your loneliness for you.

Remember that to conquer a heart of a foreign lady you will have to apply the maximum of your efforts by trying different communicating approaches to her, showing her your curiosity and studying her native language – no best dating site can do this instead of you.