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Why Do Women Become Mail Order Brides?

There are millions of women signed up for mail order bride sites, aspiring to serious relationships. Some of them look for a ‘green card,’ while the others resort to such means to find genuine love. But why is it like that? Here are the answers.

Main Reasons For Women to Become Mail Order Brides

This reason is the most common among Russian mail order brides. In Russia and the nearest countries, the population of females significantly exceeds the number of local men. The remaining males are frequently not reliable – they can be alcoholics, abusers or they might not have serious goals in life.

Reckless to meet a compatible partner, a Russian woman would rather seek her love overseas than suffer in her hometown. Latin mail order brides, in their turn, are tired of local machismo, but they believe foreigners can respect and cherish them as well as treat as equal.

What kind of woman do you like?

Older Single Women or Divorcees Are Considered As ‘Leftover’ Somewhere

Asian women often become mail order brides because their society pushes them to. In some rural areas, if a lady has reached the age of 25, she is considered an ‘old maiden,’ while in cities the margin is around 30 years. Asian mail order brides are also not happy about demands towards them related to the marriage.

Divorcees are also considered ‘leftover’ women in many regions, especially if they are single mothers simultaneously.

Mail Order Brides Seek Financial Stability

Many Russian, Asian and Latin brides hope to see a better life when marrying foreigners. A successful marriage with a Westerner is equal to a permanent residence permit, pecuniary backing and positive background for their future offspring.

Sure, there are some materialistic women who do not care about emotional ties with Westerners and become mail order brides in order to get their money or visa-related opportunities. But this is rather an exclusion than a rule.

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