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Happy Stories From Couples That Have Found Love Here

Happy Christina
Christina G., 36 years old, Columbia

I am a single mother (well, not single anymore), and I decided to become a mail order bride because it was difficult for me to find a reliable man in my own country. I don’t want to blame anyone but that’s how it was. I came across this site several times online before I finally pulled myself together to analyze all the information presented on it.

Once I finished, I understood – that’s what I need! I promptly created my profile, went through some checkups and verification procedures, and became a mail order bride. I registered on several Latin mail order bride sites that this website offered – just wanted to increase my chances of meeting my man.

I read in guidelines that it is recommended to continually text other people, send them winks and so on to get their attention and stay afloat. But I had to work for my son, I had a lot of housework and I really couldn’t find time for searches of a man. After creating a profile, I just decided to wait.

One day when I was so desperate – had a lot of troubles at work, and son had problems at school – I received an email from Douglas, a 31-year-old man from Nebraska. Because I was so occupied I didn’t pay attention to it first but after some days I read it. That’s how our communication started – since then there was no day we wouldn’t contact each other and it is so sweet!

In general, we’ve been together for a year, half of which – successfully married. Douglas has become a great father to my boy and we are so happy together. Kudos to this site’s team for such a great job!

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Happy man
George S., 43 years old, the U.S.

This site is just awesome! It helped me to find for what I had been looking for years!

To be honest with you, I was very skeptic about online dating around 5 years ago. One of my colleagues at work was scammed and his money wasn’t refunded on one mail order bride site, so I told to myself – no! But one time when browsing online I just bumped into this site. Its design caught my eye, so I decided to read what they were offering. At first, I was surprised – reviews of the best mail order bride sites? Really?

They were composed so well that I kept reading and reading and reading. Finally, I registered on an Asian mail order bride site that this platform recommended and said to myself: “Let me give it a shot!”

And it was a very nice shot! I spent only two weeks chatting with Asian beauties (let me admit it, I have always had something for Chinese and Japanese women), I met my Feng Mian, a charming Chinese lady. At the time when we met, she had just turned 30 but I wouldn’t have given her that much! You know, Asian women age late, so my online girlfriend was among them.

But that’s not the most important thing – what I need to say first is that she is extremely intelligent and we always have some things to talk about. Moreover, she is very supportive and since the day I met her, I never regretted it.

Right now we are applying for the fiancée visa as I want to take her to my place. We need to go through a lot of paperwork, but with her, I’m even ready for more. Once we get married, I will let you know. For now, please, wish us good luck!!!

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Natalia R., 28 years, Russia

I used to live in Kazan before I met my husband, Lukas. It is a Russian city which is considered its third capital with more than a million residents. However, it was always difficult for me to find a compatible man at least for a short-period relationship. I always disliked the attitudes of my fellow citizens concerning the marriage.

In Russia, lots of people believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and getting married and giving birth to a child should be her only target in life. Don’t take me wrong, I wanted to have a serious partner like a husband, and I love children, but this traditional mentality was too much for me.

So I started looking for a fiancé abroad – foreigners are more progressive in this term. I didn’t know which agency to choose – I was afraid of meeting scammers or losing my money. At that time I didn’t have a good job, so every ruble was important to me. But, you know, I never gave up.

Thus, I found this site and it was such a discovery for me! On this site, I learned about mail order bride opportunities, how to avoid any online troubles, so I registered on one of the best mail order bride sites. As we say in Russia, who doesn’t risk, that person doesn’t drink champagne!

I was texting and emailing different men – from the USA, Great Britain, and Australia. I am beautiful so it wasn’t a problem for me to get their attention, but I was searching for my one and only… And I found him! Lukas is just about 40 and he is from Pittsburg. After dating online, we met in Moscow, the capital of my country, and, yes, we fell in love from the first sight! He respects me and cherishes me like nobody else…

Until today I can’t take my eyes off my Lukas! We’ve got married recently, settled down all fiancée visa stuff and living happily together!!!

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Happy Rodolfo
Rodolfo M., 37 years, the U.S.

Hi everyone! I’m an American citizen of Latin descent and I want to tell you about my wonderful experience of using this site. Thanks to it, I have found the love of my life, my sweet wife Yulia from the Ukrainian city of Odessa. By the way, I call her Julia, in a Spanish manner…

For many years (all my youthfulness) I had been looking for the right woman to marry. I don’t know why but all my trials faced the failure: either a girl could not accept my flaws me or I felt we didn’t suit each other well. By the time I turned 34, I had dated five ladies – we were in serious relationships but none of them worked out. I tried different approaches to women, tried to date girls from different walks of life, but no.

I even started thinking something was wrong with me – so I went to a therapist. It was a nice man in our local clinic and he suggested I was just making the same mistakes since the time I was a teenager. I don’t want to recall those times, though, but what happened is that he offered me to look for a girlfriend abroad as if this would give me new prospects and I would fight my phobias. At first, this idea sounded ridiculous to me, but one day I gave up.

I started surfing online to find some mail order bride sites – I had had no idea such a thing existed! I registered on several sites, texted girls, but all of them turned out to be fake or zealous for a “green card.” Two years passed and I quit the idea.

But then one of my friends, who was also looking for a foreign bride, suggested I looked through this site, saying there are ‘OK’ reviews of dating sites. I did. Once again, I don’t know why but I believed these guys. Later I signed up for one of their reviewed Russian sites, and guess what? In four months of searches, I met my Julia!!!

After some months of dating, I realized that Julia, this Ukrainian queen, is the woman that I can spend my life with. Now we are married – I said she must live with me, so she moved into my apartment in the U.S. By the way, we are expecting for our baby girl to come!!!

Many thanks to this site, if not for it, who knows what I would be doing now.

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