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What Is a Mail Order Bride?

A marriage broker industry has expanded extremely since the 1990s as the use of the internet boomed. There are thousands (if not millions) of dating and mail order brides sites which offer their services to single men and women and promise “to bring their hearts together.” The latter is referred to as mail order brides.

With the transfer of dating into the online sphere, the stereotypical meaning of the “mail order bride” has changed too. So here we will look at what this label means nowadays.

Around two centuries ago, when humans could only dream of such technologies as the internet, European American males were struggling to get wives on the West Coast of America.

Thus, they would send letters to churches on the Eastern seaboard or send their requests via post to newspapers’ and magazines’ advertisement sections. Women would respond to them with letters, which included their photos. As long as they communicated via post, the ladies got a name – mail order brides. With time men started “ordering” brides even from the overseas – most commonly from developing countries.

In the modern time, the term mail order bride has almost nothing to do with the old premises (apart from the inherited name, apparently.

Now, a mail order bride is a single woman who lets the world know she is ready to get married and is looking for a compatible man. Mail order bride and her potential husband nowadays communicate online – via specifically established dating sites or mail order bride websites.

On equal rights, both men and women try to find their “second halves” overseas if they are more ambitious than dating the opposite sex in their homeland.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

Undoubtedly, mail order brides are legal.

But the entire dating sphere is shrouded in myths, and some groups of people spread stereotypes regarding mail order brides. Here are some of them:

  • Mail order brides are foreign women whom Western men buy in exchange for sex and housekeeping;
  • Mail order brides enter sham marriages for money and “green cards”;
  • Mail order brides are scams.

In reality, all these are just prejudiced rumors. In fact, mail order brides do not differ from other girls who register on online dating sites besides the fact that they are looking for a husband in another country but not a boyfriend.

Now ask yourself a set of questions: is it illegal to date a foreigner? Is it illegal to make friends/build a relationship with someone online? Obviously, no.

What kind of woman do you like?

How Does Male Order Brides Work?

  1. A woman who wants to become a mail order bride has to contact her local marriage agency or register on a mail order bride site alone.
  2. The agency or the site’s team verifies the identity of a woman, holds an interview with her to check her intentions and so on. Such measures are needed because some female accounts on sites are used for fraudulent purposes.
  3. The agency helps a woman to create her profile and make it attractive for foreign men. If a woman does not speak English well, the site or the agency provides her with a personal translator.
  4. In the meantime, men sign up for mail order bride sites too, and sometimes also pass verification which is usually conducted online. They set up a profile, upload photos, etc., just like women.
  5. Registered users get access to the profiles of other verified members and can start communicating with them. Reputable sites usually require payment for such services as it helps them to improve their quality and maintain the safety of users.
  6. Once two people find each other and feel there is some “chemistry” between them, they arrange the offline date.

Can You Really Get a Mail Order Bride?

As the experience tells, yes, you can, just like any other man on earth.

For that, you need to pick a trustworthy mail order bride website with all the necessary features:

  • A wide range of registered foreign brides
  • Top-rate communication tools
  • High-class safety, etc.

But what each man needs to remember is that the half of success in finding a foreign bride lies on his shoulders – he has to be active and amiable.

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