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Reddit stories about Russian mail-order brides

Looking for testimonies of happy-ending love stories between foreigners and Russian, Ukrainian or Thai mail-order brides? Here they are!

Russian more than decade-long love story

drivebyjustin shared a story of their friend who got a mail-order bride from Russia: «Been together quite a long time, ten plus years at least, and seem quite happy. Just had a baby actually».

What kind of woman do you like?

Joyful marriage with three kids, could he dream of it?

Another happy story on Reddit about Russian mail-order bride belongs to valeyard89. «A friend married a Russian mail-order bride. They're still together 10 years later with three kids. So I guess that's going well enough», said the user.

And they lived happily until death did them apart...

User duck_of_d34th shared a sweet story of his grandfather marrying a Russian-mail-order bride. «She loved to cook. When we went over for Christmas, there would be a feast for twenty, never mind that there's only six of us», that’s how the Reddit user described the hospitality of the Russian woman! His grandfather was married to that bride for almost three years before he, sadly, passed away.

Reddit story about Ukrainian mail-order brides

He fell over heels for this Ukrainian mail-order bride

User 50dkpMinus shared a story of their acquaintance who married a Ukrainian mail-order bride in a non-mainstream manner. The user told that the Ukrainian woman moved to the US as a mail-order bride, however, her online-established relationship didn’t work out. Then, she met the one and only.

«This guy I know met her while they were working at a catering company together.. […] They hit it off and he fell head-over-heels for her and they got married so she could stay here. They are still married now 3 years later», revealed the user.

Reddit stories about Thai mail-order brides

The Evidence speaks for itself: Thai brides are popular

One of our final stories is by yellowking, who said the following: «I know two Germans with mail-order Thai wives, and they all seem very happy».

Clandestine marriage with a Thai bride

Thai women are known for their beauty, intelligence and cheerfulness. That’s kind of a Thai mail-order bride that smoot99 once encountered. He said he met her online right in his own city.

«She is wonderful, beautiful, smart, fun, the real deal. Her family is wealthy and she didn't leave for any economic reason, she left a job as an engineer to get a graduate degree in the US. We've been together for two years now. We got married (kind of secretly) about a year ago», told smoot99.

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